Oh we’ve got two sprouts now

August 22, 2017

Now there are two randomly growing stems!

Latest video:

Implementation Notes

It’s really fun to figure out the algorithm for strawberry pixel plant growth! It’s being driven from my pixel art, actually. I start drawing a random pixel strawberry plant, then I try to figure out what decisions I’m making as I’m manually making a pretty pixel picture. Then I try to figure out how to code them up!

I rewrote the guts of the Plant class today to get both stems growing:

At some point I’ll also play around with adding little leaves and smaller offshoot stems for appearance.

Pixel Art Notes

Drew a little more concept art, to help me understand how plants should grow:

Also decided on colors for the “unripe” strawberries!

TODOs for next time

Basically what I wrote in the implementation notes!